I Finally Got a BIA!!!

Ok Ok. So I was a little naughty this past weekend! I said I wouldn't be making any new purchases for quite sometime because I am saving for my Big Shot Pro. Well I used the money I was going to save towards the PRO this month on the BIA. I had heard that Tuesday Morning sometimes carried them for a great price. So I went on the hunt for it. There are 6 Tuesday Mornings within a 20 mi radius so I called 4 out of the 6 stores before I found it. And I was lucky too. It was the last one they had! And it was super cheap! You can't beat $30! Brand new seals and looking beautiful! Of course now it will be a little while before I actually use it since I don't have the o-wires for it... But I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything else at all! So here is the latest edition to my scrapbook area.. lol.. I love it to death even tho its PINK! Ugh why can't it be a more appealing color like Black. lol.. Oh well.
I can't wait to make something with it! Stay tuned!
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  1. Yes you were naughty but I can't blame you, you got a good deal! Enjoy mama!
    ~Kay kay