Sneak Peak at my 1st Paper Bag Album page

Hey Ladies,
So I made a huge accomplishment this yesterday! I got 1 paper bag album page matted! This may not be much for most, but for me to do in 1 day! Its a miracle lol.... So I started 2 different paper bag album styles.. The sneak peek is based on kathyorta's ultimate paper bag album with a slight variation.. I used the same bag style she did, I just changed the page style... The 2nd style is based off of Kathryn's most recent MME mini that she did. Same bag style assembly. As soon as I start matting that one I will post progress updates as well.
So below you will see several photos of the page... It contains 3 flaps... Once completed it will have a total of either 5 or 6 pages.. I haven't quite yet decided. I will post all the matted pages then will do a final post on the entire completed album.... So here we go!!!

This is the very first part of the page you will see when you open the album! Had to have my favorite on the front.. DAMASK. lol..
This first flap opens to the left.. You then get the pic below. The flap part has a vertical pocket. At this time the black damask page does not have any interactive pieces...
 Next the black damask page flips up to reveal the next page which has a horizontal pocket on the flap.
 This page also has a horizontal pocket but at the top of the page...

TFW! Please feel free to provide any feedback or advice.. It is greatly appreciated!



  1. Wow this is gorgeous, really love the colours and damask used

  2. Wow, what a beautiful start!! Can't wait to see it as you work on it!